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      1. Hello! Welcome to Qingdao Shengtai Industry Co.,Ltd. Website!

        24-hour hotline008618765932298

        Research and development team

        Has + 30 professional and technical research and development personnel, intermediate above title 10 people, master s and above degree 8 people, external 10 + the expert inside course of study

        Research and development base

        + 18000 square meters, construction area of 5000 + square meters, has the house and diatomite diatomite full analysis projects application project houses two big projects, including diatomite filter aid test base, diatomite, physical and chemical performance analysis test base, diatomaceous earth filter performance evaluation test base

        Research and development equipments

        With metal particle distribution meter, whiteness meter, tap density meter, permeability tester, small plate and frame filter, vacuum drum filter research and development of test equipment, etc